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Message from the Principal

Our school was established in February 2012 through the initiative of commandant NYS College with blessings from the Director General NYS. Following the rapid expansion in enrolment in neighboring public schools especially after the introduction of the free primary education back in 2003, there was need for more space in secondary schools to accommodate the surging numbers.

There is also a high number of KCPE graduates within Gilgil districts  majority of whom are drawn from families of uniformed officers both NYS, Kenya Army and ASTU and above all the IDPs children who are mostly  affected by the post-election violence. The starting of the school was to take care of the enormous number which could not be left without been taken care of.

Currently the school is two streamed with a student population of 280 students. There are seven teachers posted o the school by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and the rest are employed by the schools Board of Management (BOM). With the already high enrolment its envisaged that next year, the school is likely to have an even high enrolment.

Physical Facilities

The school currently is using temporary facilities at NYS college gilgil. The school has an identified land for expansion sandwiched between NYS college and the married Quarters of 5KR measuring approximately 14.725 acres. The following are infrastructures that need to be put in place.

  1. Administration Block

This will comprise of:

This will comprise of:-Classrooms,Staffroom, and offices.

  1. Laboratory

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics


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